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About Us

Founded in 1999 as a technology consulting and support company specializing in Computer Networks, Internet Presence, and Cloud Hosting, we leveraged our experience in some of the industry verticals we served to develop unique and innovative cloud-based Line-Of-Business platforms and applications for key unmet needs in each targeted space.

Midwest Software Technologies, Inc. has been assisting many businesses just like yours implement and sustain critical IT-based business processes. Our unique approach of working with our clients and their very high levels of satisfaction have led most of them to completely rely on us for all their critical IT needs. We believe we might be able to do the same for you.

Our Services

If you are a new customer, we offer a free audit of your existing IT infrastructure and will discuss with you your immediate and future needs. This is also a great way for you to get a competent third-party review at no cost or commitment whatsoever.

It all starts with a business need, most likely related to improving the efficiency of an existing process or implementing a completely new one. We start by discussing with you what you are trying to accomplish and how it fits into your overall business strategy.

Most of the time, you will have a solution in mind; in any case, we will work with you to get at your core needs, and then to define a host of different possible approaches to fulfill them. Sometimes, an IT-based approach might be more effective; other times, a manual process might be best. Our recommendation will include at least 2-3 different options, ranked by benefits and costs (both implementation and operational).

Since your decision-making criteria might include intangibles such as the perception of technology leadership, sophistication, and high quality of your product and / or service, we will help you quantify these dimensions as well. In the end, having access to all the pertinent data, you will make a better informed decision that best servers your true business needs.

Having identified the desired approach, we will present you with a detailed blueprint of the proposed implementation -- including data flows, storage, redundancy, capacity, throughput, security, privacy, Cloud / LAN / WAN authentication, IT equipment (virtual and / or physical servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers, cabling, wireless) and software detailed specifications and purchase recommendations, implementation plans, and timelines for deployment.

Audits of existing IT systems are also available; in this case, we will discuss the business need(s), establish evaluation criteria, perform the evaluation, and finally document the results and the recommendations. Should you decide to go forward with us for the implementation of the recommended improvements and / or adjustments (if needed), a portion of the cost of the audit will be credited towards the cost of the upgrade.

For some industry verticals we offer pre-packaged audit services. A good exemple is our standard HIPPA assessment of the existing IT infrastructure that we offer to medical and dental practices with one or multiple interconnected offices.

At times, no off-the-shelf software package (or combination thereof) can be sourced to optimally implement the IT system desired. In such cases, we offer custom software development services as an option to code a customized software package to your specifications. Through our network of US and global strategic partners, we can offer a wide range of capabilities from the very simple to the most sophisticated, engaging anywhere from a single developer to hundreds of developers in an all-domestic to an optimum mix domestic-offshore to minimize development costs.

Once the new IT system is in place, periodic monitoring and "upkeep" is required to make sure that the system continues to perform as intended. For instance, server error logs contain early indications of impending hardware component failures; "urgent" security patches and service packs can significantly impact your existing applications and have to be reviewed before deployment to ensure your system stays fully operational; new virus threats that cannot easily be dealt with by existing anti-virus software might require system reconfiguration.

At the most basic level, we offer a remote server error log monitoring and review service, with a frequency ranging from once every week to once every month. This service is a very economical way to preempt major system failures as any unexpected error logged is analyzed for probable root cause and the appropriate follow-up recommendation is being made. Minor inconsistencies that can be resolved quickly in a remote fashion are part of the service; any other follow-up action is subject to additional cost.

The next level consists of on-site hardware / software maintenance and performance-tuning sessions (recommended at least once a year) to keep your investment in peak shape. Usually this includes a comprehensive inspection of your computer hardware, contact cleaning, hardware upgrades as needed, the application of operating system and other software service packs, performance tuning, and resolution of any related workstation issues. Minor software version upgrades may also be part of the service.

Major system upgrades and the addition of new features and / or modules is available as a custom maintenance service. Usually some degree of upfront planning is also included, as is the actual deployment and "burn-in" tasks.

Emergency response services are available on a as-needed basis as well, to stabilize the down condition and restore the system to a state of basic functionality so you can continue to run your business until a permanent repair can be done. Subscribing to one or more of our preventative maintenance services should greatly reduce the need for such a service.

If you have competent IT technician-level skills amongst your staff, subscribing to our unlimited remote troubleshooting assistance service can save you a great deal. As this is not an emergency service, response time is not guaranteed, but all efforts will be made to respond within 24 hours of the inquiry.

To save even more, maintenance service packages can be purchased on a subscription basis. Not only you will benefit through a discounted package price relative to the individual service components, but payments will also be spread out into equal installments so you can better budget your expenses.

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"What this country needs is a reasonably priced technology support service that's reliable. There are some people out there, but they seem to fall into two categories: "don't really have any in-depth knowledge" and "costs more than your gross sales". Midwest Software Technologies, Inc. delivers!"

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Michael J. Caines

CEO of First Class, Inc.

a specialized mailing services company in Chicago.

"Since I trusted Midwest Software Technologies, Inc. with the management and support of my servers, everything just works; I don't have to worry about what happens in the background, and I can now focus on what I do best -- taking care of my patients!"

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Jayesh R. Patel


Western suburbs of Chicago

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